Wendy Cheshire Control Risks

Wendy Cheshire

Wendy Cheshire is Director for Control Risks Cyber Security Practice headquartered in London. Wendy is responsible for the execution and delivery of client engagement strategy including, bespoke sector provision, partnering for performance, knowledge management and marketing & communications. Wendy provides an initial entry point to the Global Consulting and Analyst teams, their expertise and a further ‘reach back’ to the 37 Control Risks offices and risk management experts worldwide. Wendy is a founding member of the National MBA Advisory panel in Cyber Security at Coventry University, UK, a panel member for Cyber and Digital skills, has championed an APPG at Westminster to formally launch the Digital Crime Consolidation and New Powers Bill and an advisor and executive team member of the Digital Trust. Wendy has a high level of international customer experience supporting clients to build their own cyber propositions and solutions. Wendy’s background is working with governments, corporations and organisations to identify threats and risks, prevent, detect, resolve and crisis manage cyber security breaches. She sits on the National Cyber Management Centre Board in Cheltenham UK and regularly speaks about the need for organisations to put more consideration into employees and supply chain cyber security and the importance of planning a crisis response before the worst were to happen.


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