Graham Hallworth Micro Focus

Graham Hallworth

Born in Cheshire in the UK, Graham has lived and worked in Africa for 27 years and has been based in Kenya as Regional Manager for Novell and now Regional Director for Micro Focus for the past 17 years.

Having studied for a B.Sc in Estate Management at Reading University in the UK, Graham followed an initial career as a Chartered Surveyor, working as a property development advisor. This work took himacross the UK, Middle East and South Africa before he moved across into IT.

Graham has held executive and non-executive Directorships of a number of large multinational companies, which gives him unique insight into the workings and requirements of corporate clients.

With his passion for technology he has been at the forefront of many leading edge innovations with large Corporates and Governments across Africa. His specific focus area is Integrated Identity, Access and Security Management.

In his spare time, you can find him in the bush studying all forms of wildlife in what he calls “His happy place”.


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