Abdirahman Omar Sheikh Soliton Telmec Limited

Abdirahman Omar Sheikh

CEO and founder of Soliton, Abdirahman Omar Sheikh is recognized expert in Fiber Optics and Telecommunications in Kenya and in the East Africa region as a whole. He has a wealth of experience entrepreneurship, engineering, leadership and technical training.

Soliton is a Telecommunications Technology company that aims to have positive transformational impact on peoples lives. Soliton builds the basic infrastructure required to enable Electronic communications. These include Data Centers, Fiber Optic Lines and the related routing and Transmission equipment. It also provides ongoing support backed by Service Level Agreement.

Under Sheikh’s leadership, Soliton has completed numerous high profile backbone, metro and access projects in Kenya and Uganda including the first large scale metropolitan networks in the region. Sheikh and Soliton teams’ technology focus now is to enable Next Generation Networks (NGN) access in terms of access architecture and business models that will enable ubiquitous broadband.

Abdirahman Sheikh is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors Takaful Insurance Africa and a director of several other companies.


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